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See who's down to chill/hangout/meetup/get together/go to lunch right now!Chillin’ is a simple way to connect with your nearby friends in person. When you open Chillin’ you will have the ability to see which of your Facebook friends are in the area, and who’s down to chill. From there, start chatting to suggest ideas about what to do and where to meet up, or create spontaneous events or hangouts and invite your active friends to join you.
Chillin’ helps put the “Social” back into “Social Media” and helps you branch out, and deepen relationships with your friends that are outside of your core friend circle. Now instead of only reaching out to your 3-5 best friends, why not have the ability to connect/chill/hangout/meet up/get together/ go to lunch or dinner with all of your friends within your Facebook network.
Start Chillin' today and revolutionize the way you's free!
Spontaneous Events- Chillin’ events are events that are happening today/tomorrow. Chillin’ is all about getting your available friends together spontaneously. Because you know which friends are down to chill nearby you know who to invite to your event, and are able to get friends together quickly. Use Chillin' events to quickly get friends together to get lunch, dinner, bonfire, play sports, watch sports, party, study, play video games, hangout...etc.
Chill Radius - Chillin' only shows you friends that are available right now, and events that are currently going on nearby. By using the Chill Radius in settings you can tell Chillin' how far to search for available friends and current events.
Chillin' Network - Chillin' currently uses your Facebook network. You will automatically be connected with your Facebook friends that have Chillin'. Chillin' will eventually incorporate your other social networking/media networks, starting with Instagram, and Twitter.
To stay up to date on the newest additions to Chillin’ follow our social media accounts.Facebook – - @ChillinAppInstagram – YouChillin
We love to hear from our users. If you have questions, concerns, want to report a bug, ideas for future features, or just want say hi please feel free to reach out.
Chillin LLC (801)664-8630